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Electrical Training Academy (ETA) is a one stop shop for electrical training & coaching, including knowledge, safety, testing, installations and more.

We explain and demonstrate the skills and knowledge in an easy to understand method while delivering the same if not better results than traditional electrical training. Our classes are limited to a maximum of 6 people, and for the more complicated classes even less – meaning you get more support, and training from your teacher.

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CPDSM- REL - CPD- Restricted Electrical License

CPDSM-A - CPD- A Grade

REL 1 - REL Class 1 Refresher- Online or Blended Online/In Workshop

Plugs and Cords

UEESS00173 - Attachment of Cords/Cables and Plugs to Low Voltage Three Phase Electrical Equipment Skill Set

Test and Tag

UEESS00174 - Electrical Safety Testing of Electrical Cord Connected Equipment and Cord Assemblies Skill Set

REL Class 1

UEERL0005 - Locate and rectify faults in low voltage (LV) electrical equipment using set procedures

REL Class 2

UEESS00133 - Restricted -Disconnection/Reconnection of Fixed Wired Low Voltage Electrical Equipment

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